Katie Cassidy's Yoga Journey

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Yoga Classes

 I am a certified yoga instructor and my own yoga journey began over 35 years ago.   Sharing my yoga practice with others brings me great joy. 

My classes are designed to assist my students on their yoga journey, keeping their individual needs in mind.  Students new to yoga as well as the more advanced student will experience improved flexibility, core strength, positive energy, joy, stress reduction, mindful living and the flow of creativity that follows.

I offer both group and one on one yoga sessions. 


Yoga Thoughts

 When I first picked up a paintbrush and stood staring at an empty canvas, I knew instinctively that for me to begin painting, I first needed to quiet my mind for the creative process to unfold. 

Learning  to be still and setting my inner passion free without the burdens of self- criticism, self- doubt, self-judgment and cumbersome inhibitions were all necessary for this creative process.   

Learning  to be in the moment is the key that unlocks the life within us.  It is yoga that helps me to be in the present. 

Perhaps the single most important element in the practice of yoga is unlocking the life within us through our breath.  Learning to connect the mind with breath, followed by connecting  breath with movement serves as the foundation to many creative endeavors.    When I am mindful of my breath through my movements, the creative process  flows.  My mind, body and spirit feel open, receptive and energized with creativity. 

Whether raising a family, caring for a loved one, managing a  corporation or serving the community, unleashing the creative self that we all possess within us is amongst one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves.


For further information, contact me at :  


703-220-3595  cell

941-758-7838  studio