Katie Cassidy
   Artist Statement
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             Sky Dance




Katie's Statement

Inspired by Nature, I take the liberty of expanding and contracting what is before me. I allow myself to submerge into the imagined, uncharted, yet to be discovered, places.   I paint where the quiet spirit lives; a place that is absent from the chatter of our daily routines.  I paint a place that lures and embraces oneness with Spirit.  A reprieve: silent yet full of the wondrous miracle of life. 

I like to share my work with others.  I like to give to others a chance to take a moment from their busy lives and enjoy a visual moment of quiet, contemplative energy.  I like to give to others an open avenue to travel to a place where he or she wishes to be; a place that offers comfort and joy.

I enjoy the flow of painting and the endless journeys my heart and soul take.  I hope you enjoy my paintings. 


     In my Meditative Series the use of multi-colored, consistent and precise strokes spread randomly over the canvas bring the viewer into a meditative state of just being.  The intentional lack of any suggestion of imagery encourages the viewer to move in and out of the void, helping to clear the mind and just pause in the now. 

    In my Chakra Series, the intention is to help facilitate balance.  The seven main chakras are subtle energy channels that run through the body and are represented by certain colors.  Both color and the movement of color  help facilitate balance.    My chakra paintings are either single individual color paintings representing specific areas of energy or as one piece representing a balanced system. 

     I enjoy the challenge and flow of the creative process and hope you enjoy my work